[Rhaptos] Using HTML5 Microdata Formats for New Editor

Ed Woodward ecw1 at rice.edu
Thu Jan 19 10:26:33 CST 2012

We have been discussing the possibility of using HTML5 Microdata formats 
to document elements in a new WYSIWYG Editor for CNXML.  I've done a 
conversion of 9 elements in CNXML that do not map directly to an HTML 
element.  You can view the document at 
I've placed the CNXML first followed by the conversion to HTML5 Microdata.

I would like to get some feedback from the community about using 
microdata in the editor.  The microdata would be converted to CNXML at 
some point (when saving?) and CNXML converted to microdata (checking out 
existing module?).  The main usage would be for elements that do not map 
directly to existing HTML elements.  You can see a list of those 
elements at 

The spec for HTML 5 Microdata is at http://dev.w3.org/html5/md/

This Wikipedia article has a nice summary: 


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